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tweaking a golf course


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  • tweaking a golf course

    Why, with a major fixture in town, would anybody play the course like this?

    Front nine: 10-11-12-13-4-5-6-2-3

    Back nine: 14-8-15-16-17-18-1-7-9

    Read on to learn more about the Presidents Cup layout: ... 19V6MB.DTL

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    The Brits will be right at home. The couple of times I played in Wales, you had to cross 2 or 3 fairways to get to the next tee.


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      From time to some, some posters have said they can't understand why golf is so much more popular than track.

      The staging of the President's Cup in San Francisco has totally co-opted the media. The front page of the paper (front-front, not sports front) the last two days has had a wraparound dedicated to the matches (news, not advertising), it's on the real front page, and there were 3 pages of coverage of yesterday's matches in the sports section.

      ps--and the local talk radio station (big signal, heard all over this part of the world) has been doing its daytime shows live from the golfcourse for the last 4 days.