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Talk about obsessive hobbies . . . .


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  • Talk about obsessive hobbies . . . .

    To me, this guy's achievement is not nearly as impressive as photographing every county courthouse in the country, but it's still pretty good. ... 07746.html

    In the National League, which has 16 teams, there are 240 different matchups one can see in a given season. In the American League, with 14 teams, there are 182. This makes a total of 422 possible matchups within the leagues. On Friday, when John Salvo of Racine, Wis., takes his seat at Citi Field to see the Mets play the Astros, he will have seen every combination, home and away.
    Next, he gets to work on inter-league games.

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    Whew!!! Until I read the article, I thought he did that all in one season. Still , 422 games in 55 years, is a lot of baseball.
    As he says, it is not something one deliberately sets out to do.
    I can only recall seeing four MLB games in 78 years. St Louis Cardinals vs. Somebody (1949) and Baltimore Orioles vs. Somebody (1953) and Seattle Mariiners vs. Somebody (199? and 2004)


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      What's even more amazing is that the numbers 240 and 182 indicate that he's seen every matchup in both cities.