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could it be that the talk jocks are actually ineffectual?


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    I think this pot has been stirred enough. I will only respond that my edit was to remove the word "even" and to rebut the characterization that I was "whining".
    Legitimate observation is not whining. I do not apologize for holding a minority opinion on any subject and do not denigrate other's equally sincere contrary positions.
    No one need feel sorry for me because of my opinions. I have lived a long and prosperous life from a minority (in many respects) position.


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      Originally posted by DrJay
      Originally posted by Marlow
      lonewolf, your conservative views are poppycock* . . .

      * from the Dutch pappekak, which literally means soft dung or diarrhea (from Dutch pap pap + kak dung)
      Also a tasty snack treat!
      It's BIG in Japan too!

      Mr Poop Candy on Flickr - Photo Sharing!



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        Originally posted by lonewolf
        It ain't easy being an apparently distinct political minority on an ostensibly non-political forum.
        OK, you appear to be complaining that this is not easy for you. I will express my empathy for your difficulty. I hope that you can manage. I sense that you want others to like you, and that you feel better when they do. You want to like other people. You want them to like you. You are going to be OK...


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          Originally posted by Pego
          As usually happens to me, I've arrived to this thread late. 2 cents, a question for you.
          I've been a regular here since the inception of the message board (oh, well, perhaps a couple of months after). I never observed that Marlow, Bison Hurdler, Kuha or Dr.Jay would be in any sorts of cahoots. Whom else do you consider to be a part of this "clique"? Am I in it, too? I have agreed with all above mentioned at some time. Politically with Kuha most of the time, medically with Dr.Jay most of the time. When people agree with each other, does that make them a "clique"?
          What exactly is a cahoot? Where does one buy one of them?


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            Originally posted by lonewolf
            The prudent thing for me to do would be to ignore this thread but WTF?
            Presumably politics and religion are verboten on this forum and rightly so. Which prompts the question: Why would gh introduce a topic that cries out for rebuttal but will only tolerate agreement?
            Debating conservatism vs. liberalism is as futile as debating creationism vs. evolution.
            Sorry, but I disagree completely that this topic cried out for rebuttal. Or that it had anything to do with debating conservatism vs. liberalism. It was a political science (or heck, "sociology") topic.

            The point being that conventional wisdom says that the big TV yakkers are great movers of public opinion. The fact that they're apparently not was, to me, a very legitimate topic.

            The fact that the original article concentrated on conservative figures is because of the total ineptitude of the liberals to come up with anybody who fits into the category of remotely being a mover of public opinion (or not, as the case may be).

            Maybe the article had a subtext I missed, but I also didn't come away from it that the the author was taking any particular position on the message that Limbaugh (whom I find brilliant) and Beck (raving loon) might be delivering. He was pointing out that their "status" is somewhat fraudulent.

            At any rate, another attempt at trying to broaden the horizons of discussion here goes down in disastrous flames.

            That is all.