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Ancient Aborigenes were faster than Usain Bolt


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  • Ancient Aborigenes were faster than Usain Bolt

    Edinburgh, October 15 (ANI): A leading anthropologist has suggested that ancient aboriginals in Australia would have outrun Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, while a Neanderthal woman would have crushed Arnold Schwarzenegger in arm-wrestling.

    According to a report in The Scotsman, Peter McAllister, the author of “Manthropology: the Science of Inadequate Modern Man”, claims men today are the weakest in history and would have been trumped in feats of strength or speed by our ancient ancestors.

    McAllister finds evidence he believes proves modern man is inferior to his predecessors in, among other fields, the basic Olympic athletics disciplines of running and jumping.

    His conclusions about the speed of Australian aboriginals 20,000 years ago are based on a set of footprints, preserved in a fossilised claypan lake bed, of six men chasing prey.

    An analysis of the footsteps of one of the men, dubbed T8, shows he reached speeds of 37 kph on a soft, muddy lake edge.

    Bolt, by comparison, reached a top speed of 42 kph during his then world 100 metres record of 9.69 seconds at last year’s Beijing Olympics.

    McAllister said that, with modern training, spiked shoes and rubberised tracks, aboriginal hunters might have reached speeds of 45 kph.

    “We can assume they are running close to their maximum if they are chasing an animal. But if they can do that speed of 37 kph on very soft ground, I suspect there is a strong chance they would have outdone Usain Bolt if they had all the advantages that he does,” he said.

    “We can tell that T8 is accelerating towards the end of his tracks,” he added.

    Turning to the high jump, McAllister said photographs taken by a German anthropologist showed young men jumping heights of up to 2.52 metres early last century.

    “They developed very phenomenal abilities in jumping. They were jumping from boyhood onwards to prove themselves,” he said.

    McAllister said that a Neanderthal woman had 10 per cent more muscle bulk than modern European man.

    Trained to capacity, she would have reached 90 per cent of Schwarzenegger’s bulk at his peak in the 1970s.

    However, because of the quirk of her physiology, with a much shorter lower arm, he believes Neanderthal woman would have been able to “slam him to the table without a problem”, he said. (ANI)

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    This explains Cathy Freeman and Patrick Johnson

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      Originally posted by guru
      On an unrelated note. What is the difference between the address above with the mb prefix and one that has www? ... hp?t=37800

      With the mb prefix I am not logged in but with the www one, I am. Why is that?


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        Originally posted by Daisy
        Originally posted by guru
        On an unrelated note. What is the difference between the address above with the mb prefix and one that has www? ... hp?t=37800

        With the mb prefix I am not logged in but with the www one, I am. Why is that?
        I am logged in with an "mb" prefix and get a logged-in link from the 'mb' link; using the www link I am not logged in.


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          Interesting, so they are completely independent with regard to log-in status.


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            Forgive me, but this article has more holes than a week-old swiss cheese. While a longer stride length more often than not would imply longer legs and by extension, a taller individual, stride length can't by itself determine speed.

            Kareem Abdul Jabbar has more than a foot on Tyson Gay, therefore his stride length had to be much longer. Even in his prime, I couldn't see Lew Alcindor breaking say 10.3 seconds in the 100m.

            This theory need a lot of work to even pique my interest. Yawn.


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              Didn't we do this topic a few weeks ago? I suspect if this "expert" were to deduce Michael Johnson's speed from his stride length he might conclude MJ was capable of running a 23 second 200.


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                So we can tell what some guy did 3 million years ago on a long jump, but we still have no idea what Carl Lewis did in 1983 on that legendary no-foul jump. That is progress.

                Too bad we didn't have a volcanic eruption just minutes after that historic attempt. At least it would have swallowed up the idiotic official who insisted on not measuring.


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                  The islander people of Australia are naturally very very powerful. I've read stories from aussies saying they're just freakishly strong, just many don't train or only care about Rugby.