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  • Another Woman Scorned

    The New York Post reports that Phillips was having an affair with 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley, who sent Phillips' wife Marni a letter describing their relationship — and a birthmark Phillips has on his crotch — after Phillips ended their relationship.

    The Post story is full of scandalous details: Hundley crashed her car into Phillips' home after dropping off the letter; she may have impersonated a 16-year-old to chat with Phillips' son online; Marni Phillips has since filed for divorce. ... 28518.html

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    This isn't the first story I've heard coming out of Bristol. I don't know how one guy in particular, is still employed?


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      As with oh so many other men, both prominent and otherwise:

      You are supposed to think with your brain, not your Johnson.


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        This woman even went after the guy's kid. Talk about fatal attractions. I wonder what he did to her. Last week, one of my uncles' friend's Mercedes was vandalized by a girlfriend to the point of being totaled by the insurance company. But the crazy thing is that when my Mom asked him about the events leading up to the incident, he just laughed it off and said "I guess I had it coming". :shock:


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          Google the youtube video of Chris Berman hitting on an assistant while the camera is rolling prior to him going on the air. It is hilarious and creepy.