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Men Behaving Badly: Washington Writer Raises Touchy Subject


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  • Men Behaving Badly: Washington Writer Raises Touchy Subject

    Taking unfair advantage of the general size/strength difference between men and women is unconscionable: ... g-happens/

    Almost none of those men would grope women w/o their consent if the variables were different (physical retaliation by women was commonplace, if they knew the woman's boyfriend or brother was in the nightclub restroom, if the genders were as indistinguishable in punching power as in reading ability).

    About five years ago, this same paper ran an article by a woman writer who challenged a man who didn't believe catcalling and sexually verbal aggressivenes was as common as she said, to follow her from a distance a couple of days or so to observe anything said to her from morning until she returned home. The offenders represented every local demographic, and she recounted some threats in the article. When the online version appeared, accompanied by both reader comments, and letters-to-the-editor, there were dozens of accounts not just of verbal harassment, but unwelcome touching (far more of the latter). Of course there were some comments and conclusions made by men, but womens' descriptions of the offending parties included plenty men in biz attire.