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Shook up two Peachtree numbers today


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  • Shook up two Peachtree numbers today

    Went down to the Peachtree expo downtown to see if I could land a couple numbers to Peachtree. We didn't think we'd be able to make it so we didn't sign up. But we can make it, so I went down.

    I felt my blood pressure go up as the traffic thickened as I neared downtown. This reminded me why I don't miss this "phake" city. Our Chattanooga Track Club is better than Atlanta's. Our races are better. Our runners are probably better. If not better, than certainly better looking. Our city is prettier. Our downtown is by far more vibrant. Even our aquarium is better. Our baseball stadium is better. We have better events and most are free. And you don't have to worry about being stabbed when you go to them. Such as Nightfall.

    As soon as I got to the Merchandise Mart, some running geek around 65 years old with a shark tooth necklace started to hassle me. "So you think you're going to get a number? Some miracle number going to drop out of the sky?" I wanted to say, "Check back here in 30 minutes." But I left the pathetic soul alone.

    After about 5 minutes of standing on the corner, somebody from New York gave me a number for free. I wonder if he reads this board? 20 minutes later, I bought another one for $20. There was a parking ticket for $25 on my car when I got back to it, but two numbers for a total of $45 is not bad. I wonder what the city of Atlanta is going to do with that $25? How nice of them to ticket on a Saturday on a street with no meters. Maybe they'll fill one pothole with the $25. I doubt it. Will it go toward underground utilities? Nope. Atlanta is the worst in the nation as far as this goes.

    But I get to run the Peachtree this year. This is one good thing left about Atlanta. The Chattanooga Track Club had many members present at the very first Peachtree back when Gov. Lester Maddox shot the gun to start the race. I think the reason so many people love Peachtree is that it represents what a great city Atlanta used to be.