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    Ran the Peachtree yesterday. Hadn't run it in years and it was great to go out there again and run down Peachtree and get the famous t-shirt. I used to run it as a seeded runner, which isn't hard to do. I think you just need to submit proof that you've run under 50 mins in a certified 10K. But we decided to run at the last minute and picked up two numbers at the expo. It is no fun trying to run the race back in the back. Half the people are walking. You are constantly -- all the way to the finish -- having to exert energy to get around people. Wall-to-wall people the entire time. If you are seeded, it's actually somewhat of a race. The average time listed was 1:17 or so.

    The race started at 7:30 but our group didn't leave until 8:28, which also was no fun. It wasn't that hot, but it was very humid. Tough conditions to run in. It's hard to get to the side to get water with all those people. At one bar in Buckhead, they were handing out cups of beer. I had missed water at the last stop, so I grabbed the beer. Nothing more refreshing than a beer.

    Like I said, hadn't run it in some time, so I noticed some different things. Lots of runners wearing backpacks. Not fanny packs, but backpacks. Going hiking after the race? Some women wearing skorts. A lot of things haven't changed: Why spandex?

    All along the course, different businesses were throwing t-shirts to the runners. Frisbees. Some people were carrying so much crap they needed a shopping cart. But for a good number of participants, this is more of an event than a race. Music was bad along the course, too.

    Kind of sad that the area where all the bars in Buckhead were has not been redeveloped. Was supposed to be upscale Streets of Buckhead, but money dried up. Part of the Peachtree experience was running by the bars full of people drinking beer cheering you on.

    60,000 really is too many for this event. You especially notice it at the finish. Very cramped conditions everywhere. I think they crossed the line when they upped the number from 55,000. The finish used to be a fun time to celebrate the race, but it's not as fun anymore. I also miss the traditional finish along Lake Clara Meer. Those were the days. It was at its best when there were only 25,000 runners. Everybody left when they shot the gun.

    Peachtree really is an event you have to make an effort to run. You have to ride Marta since start and finish are at different places. We park at the finish line area, walk to Marta station, ride Marta to start, run race, and then back to the car. Probaby, including the run, nine miles covered.

    Publix had a lot of good food at the finish. The Georgia Peach Council had some incredible in-season Georgia peaches for the finishers and they were delicious. Interesting info about peaches at

    The great Larry Rawson was there doing the race and I heard him over the loudspeaker at the finish doing the awards ceremony.