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Carmageddon is nigh!


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    Re: Carmageddon is nigh!

    Originally posted by JRM
    Originally posted by Davidokun
    Originally posted by mike renfro
    When coming south on I5, I do the I210-I20-I15 route.
    I'm sure he meant I-10.
    Where were you Mike?! The 210 runs into the 15, as does the 10 and the 60. I pick and chose between each depending on traffic. btw - I think we mentioned this a few years ago, isn't the I designation redundant in SoCal? I always use "the"...


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      Re: Carmageddon is nigh!

      In LA, an empty freeway is a curiosity, a novelty, and an opportunity! But Doomsday parties are forbidden!

      ================================================== =
      Carmageddon: LAPD says no to parties, bike rides on 405

      There's no way to plan for Carmageddon, the three-day shut down of one of the most vital stretches of freeway in Los Angeles, without having to field some unusual requests or address oddball contingencies.

      Take the Facebook group that has proposed holding a block party on a Santa Monica Boulevard ramp to the 405, complete with beer and guitars.

      There's also the enterprising marketers who asked CalTrans for permission to spray paint a bridge abutment with graffiti reading "The Apes Will Rise" to promote the new "Planet of the Apes" movie.

      Complete story: ... -lapd.html


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        Re: Carmageddon is nigh!

        The Colbert Report tackles Carmageddon: ... rmaggeddon


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          Re: Carmageddon is nigh!

          Carmageddon: Bicyclists start crosstown race against JetBlue flight

          LA Times -- Saturday July 16th, 2011

          A pack of six bicyclists were scarfing down bananas and doughnuts Saturday morning to prepare for their Burbank to Long Beach race against JetBlue.

          The plane versus pedals crosstown dash was born when a pair of bloggers dared an urban bicyclists' club to take on JetBlue after it offered $4 one-way flights from Burbank to Long Beach. The airline offered the deal for folks who want to fly over the traffic mayhem predicted during "Carmageddon," the weekend closure of 10 miles of the 405 Freeway.

          Complete story: ... tblue.html


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            Re: Carmageddon is nigh!

            Love this!!!

            "The bikers arrived before the plane even took off!"


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              Re: Carmageddon is nigh!

              "Hitler Raves About Carmageddon"

              Almost as good as E. Harry Gill!


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                Re: Carmageddon is nigh!

                405 re-opens ahead of schedule (noon on Sunday). Traffic terrors were non-existent. In fact, the roads were a pleasure to drive because everyone stayed away. Can't every day be Carmageddon? Sigh...

                PS: It ain't over 'til it's over. Carmageddon Part II comes to a freeway near you in 11 months! (to tear down the other half of the bridge).

                Early end of Carmageddon celebrated, mourned, mocked online

                Minutes after Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced the imminent end of the 405 Freeway closure known as "Carmageddon" Sunday, the Internet was already abuzz.

                “405 is opening AS WE SPEAK. Carmageddon is DONE!” tweeted Kelly Kurens, a Southern California realtor and property manager.

                Others were less than enthusiastic.

                "I love having the 405 freeway closed," tweeted actor Neil Patrick Harris. "Traffic is nonexistent. Carmageddon is the best! I'm gonna Carma-get-in my car and run some errands."

                Complete story: ... nline.html


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                  Re: Carmageddon is nigh!

                  The ONION's "American Voices" on the subject.

         ... end,20941/
                  "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
                  by Thomas Henry Huxley