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McDonald's asks, TV with your fries?


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  • McDonald's asks, TV with your fries?

    The M channel ... ench-Fries

    "It is a vision that is more than television," more than the "passive relationship" that viewers have with gas station or supermarket TV feeds, said Edmondson, who comes from a venture-capital background.

    The M channel is akin to a broadcast network with its own news, entertainment and sportscasts localized for cities and even neighborhoods, he said. But there's more: It will supersize the experience by directing viewers online for shopping or other opportunities.

    Get details on a featured electronic toy or be among the first to download a music video discovered via M Channel. Want to get close to artists you heard on your coffee break? Enter to win backstage concert passes or maybe lunch with them (just a guess, but the location may not be optional).

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    Re: McDonald's asks, TV with your fries?

    On a somewhat related (obesity-watch) note: I saw some little kids (6 - 8 year-olds, I'm guessing) whipping around the neighborhood on their . . . motorized scooters!
    We can't even push ourselves on a scooter or ride bikes any more?


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      Re: McDonald's asks, TV with your fries?

      Has anyone else experience Gas Station TV? A TV screen imbedded in the gas pump so you are harassed with ESPN, CNN and commercials while pumping gas. It's fantastic.