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  • Weird Tales

    There is just something about the stories and authors who made that magazine special. Starting out in 1923 it was the place to find the strange, weird, macabre, supernatural. Here's where we read....

    Robert E. Howard
    Ray Bradbury
    Seabury Quinn
    Bram Stoker
    Arthur Machen
    Clark Ashton Smith
    Edgar Allan Poe
    Tanith Lee

    .....and a whole slew of writers into the "unique". While I don't have any of the magazines (damn!!!!!) and have actually never seen one I do have a book featuring the best of Weird Tales. I just started it, it's 582 pages which is far bigger than I like to attack. But being it's an anthology, cool~~~~~~~~~ I'm just 14 pages into it and already totally mesmerized. And it's just the author talking about the magazine and it's history. The first actual story....INTERIM by Ray Bradbury. While I've read all those above mentioned authors not these stories.

    Anyone else into this sort of thing?

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    Re: Weird Tales

    Speaking of Weird,

    Strange I'd bring this up and Saturday I found...Rivals of Weird a yard sale for ...a buck for a box of books Here we find the best stories from the other similiar magazines of the day. What were the odds?