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Adrian Peterson next 200/400 m champion?!


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  • Adrian Peterson next 200/400 m champion?!

    I know it's just bluster, the guy wants to be an NFL RB, but among other things Adrian Peterson is "considering" the 200 and 400 at the next Olympics!

    Dude is fast, but that would be a tall order at his age and in the time frame he'd have to get ready.
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    I do not follow sprinting as much as I follow other athletics disciplines -- and I would not have remembered details from more than a decade ago in any case -- so, per and Tilastopaja, here are Peterson's HS marks:

    10.56 (+1.3)
    10.33 (+3.2)
    21.80 (-1.8)
    21.23 (+2.5)

    10.61 (+3.4)

    He will turn 30 on 21 March of next year. Given (a) the level of those marks; (b) the fact that they will be 11-12 years in the past, as of next Spring; (c) the fact that -- as physically impressive as he is -- he has been in the business of being a NFL running back for a long time, with the toll that takes on the body -- that would likely be an 'old' 30yo track athlete -- I would not expect anything.

    However, as it looks like he will not be playing football for a while (unless he achieves some sort of successful appeal, from somewhere), I could see him marketing himself in this way, even temporarily. I am sure he could find some sort of sponsor to throw some $$ his way, to chronicle his attempt at "redemption" by means of pursuing his Olympic dreams.

    As repugnant (in my view) as his actions with his son were, I am conscious of the fact that many others don't see him or his actions in that way, and I also know that American consumers of sports have an insatiable appetite for so-called 'redemption' stories of this kind. (And, I know they don't have a clue what it takes to make the OG, so the unlikeliness of such a pursuit would not be a barrier to its possible promotion.)
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      Ain't gonna neva hapin, EVER!


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        Man is dreaming..


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          We never see any people more totally out of touch with reality than athletes. They have no clue how things really are most the time.

          Adrian Peterson would get smoked at Cali State, much less vs national/world class talent. And he really doesn't know this, haha!!!! There are HS's in Texas where he wouldn't even make their 4x1 team.
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              Now my question is...what could he do? What if he puts in an effort like his post-ACL training (I firmly believe his out-of-this-world post injury rehab effort led to his crazy 2012 season)? What if he drops to a more reasonable sprinter's weight? Carl Lewis had a lot of miles and training on his legs before his 9.86. Kim Collins, Gatlin, Christie, Powell, others...have run fast after 30. Michael Johnson ran insanely fast in his 30s. Just a question, a thought experiment. What about Peterson?
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                My guess is that he hasn't been at sprinter's weight since he left high school. I remember reading a story about RGIII right before he got drafted, and he said he was 30 pounds over his sprinting weight.


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                  his knees are shot as far as sprinting goes. Stick a fork in 'em he is done.


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                    If he's serious about the Olympics, how about the U.S. Rugby team? He would at least have a non-zero chance there.


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                      not enough basic aerobic capacity for rugby?


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                        Oo, what about Bobsled? Now that he had the perfect build and speed for.
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