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New Study on Cardiac Arrest and Response time


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  • New Study on Cardiac Arrest and Response time

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    Basically you're SOL if you have a cardiac arrest outside the hospital - 4.2% survival rate - but live in a high rise and you're better off jumping out the window than hoping the EMTs get to you on the 25th floor.

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    I'm a professional firefighter, and have been involved in dozens or maybe even a hundred or more cases of CPR over a 16+ year career...and have seen a small handful of people "come back" on the job. The 4.2% rate seems about right. The ONE time I was involved in CPR off-duty was when I was a ref at a high school basketball game and a man in the stands went into cardiac arrest. After 4 rounds of two-person CPR the man (in his 60s) not only regained his pulse and was breathing on his own, he regained consciousness and was talking to us. I attribute such a response 100% to the fact that we were able to start CPR about 60-90 seconds after he went into arrest. Only one other time in my entire career has a person "come back" enough on scene or in an ambulance to talk to the crew, but the one time I do it off-duty (with no specialized equipment, remember) the person has a full recovery. Response time is massively important.
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      Originally posted by scottmitchell
      Response time is massively important.
      Absolutely. Nothing even comes close.
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