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Faní Halkiá. greek 400 hurdler 2004 olympic champ.


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  • Faní Halkiá. greek 400 hurdler 2004 olympic champ.

    Fania chalkia won the 2004 olympics in the 400 meter hurdles in a time of 52.82 seconds .... electronically timed.

    She obviously was on steroids while she did it.. She looked like it... Her face was manly.. Her voice was manly..

    I'm a really good reader when it comes to muscle tone and the aura that it gives off...

    I can sense somethings not right because I can see right down into the muscles and the blood and the energy coming out from within..

    I can read into peoples build by looking at the energy that comes out from within the blood near the surface of the skin..

    Her muscle tone and structure was aligned in a way that it shined.. It literally glowed.. Her skin gave it away ... There was a certain tightness feature about her skin and muscles.. that didn't seem right.. It didn't seem natural..

    She was later caught for using one of the most powerful steroids known to the universe called methyltrienoloneone....


    She knew what she was doing.. She knew she was using this crap...

    Now looking at this.. I'm beginning to think about her thought patterns..

    After winning her olympic gold in 2004.. Was she just trying to not compete that much because she didn't want to risk getting caught in between the 2004 and 2008 olympics in an attempt to do the same thing..

    Was she trying to sneak up on everyone just like she did in 2004 in 2008?

    So she went out of her way to not compete in anything?

    Or did she get off of the steroids completely to give herself a break from it and that's why she didn't want to compete?

    Did she think that if she competed alot in between and ran slow times that people would think that she was a steroid user?

    Because that's exactly what I think occurred..

    Looking at her time from 2006 of 54.02... And then it got worse from there..

    She ran 56.58 in 2007 at the world championships..

    She could have very well been off of the steroids completely for two years from the end of 2004 till 2006.. And her body started to adjust back to a natural state..

    Thus why she ran 56.58..


    This 56.58 could have been in a natural non steroid state.. So her natural self could do 56.58 at it's best.. But her steroid self could do 52.82..

    This goes to show just how powerful steroids are... in a relatively short event such as the 400...

    She literally was able to reduce her time in theory by over 3 FULL SECONDS!!!!!!

    Now do you all realize why steroids are banned? And why testing needs to be more accurate and have more funding?

    Because for that time period in between 2004 and 2008 nobody knew that she was a steroid user....

    She deluded, deceived, and fooled the whole world.... in that time frame..

    And all of greece literally called her their super star....

    Let's get the facts straight..I don't care how hard an athlete works.. I don't give one crap how much effort they put into anything.. If that athlete makes the decision to do steroids then they no longer support health and fitness..

    They support disease and weakness.. Because that's what steroids are to the world.. They are a disease.. They are a weakness.. They don't make people stronger.. They make them weaker...

    Because now steroid users only have to work at 60 percent of effort and still see unreal results.. That's why...It makes their minds weaker.

    It's not who they really are.. That wasn't who hania really was.. But she denied everything.. She prob still is in denial..

    This is how some countries are.. They literally think that they are eating some type of breakfast cereal or some type of vitamin that they think nothing of it.. They don't care..

    They just look at it as some type of protein supplement.. That's how stupid some people in some parts of the world can be.. There is a language barrier regarding steroids...

    Not everyone in the world gives the same meaning to the word steroid..

    So let's make this clear.. hania is not a 52 second hurdler.. Because nothing an athlete accomplishes while on steroids counts for anything..

    It doesn't count.. It's not them..That was not her. That was almost like some type of alien version of herself.. Because that's what happens to humans who take steroids.

    The natural human body needs a full 96 hours or more to fully repair and regrow from a workout.. This is why I only workout 2 days per week because i'm natural.. but this same concept doesn't apply to steroid users..

    Steroid users can workout every single day and still see results.. and then you know what they do? They go around telling all of the naturals in all their stupid sponsored magazines to workout in a split workout and do arms one day, chest another,, etc.. Because they are dumb..

    They don't realize that they can do that because they are on steroids.

    Thus making steroid users not human.. Because the natural human body does not grow like that and does not repair like that.

    It's not how strong they were naturally designed... hania is a 57 to 58 second hurdler... That's what she is.. That's how fast she is.....

    But hey if she wants to continue to delude herself and continue to look in that mirror and really believe that she was really that strong and that powerful naturally.. then go ahead.. let her.. She is only deluding herself..

    Well technically she deluded the whole world in the process.. but now that we know the truth she is only deluding herself.. I bet her mind and her ego are so weak that she is still in denial.. She probably still can't come to terms with what she did because a part of her brain just doesn't understand what she was doing..

    And that's how alot of people in other countries think... Their brains aren't designed in a way to comprehend what they are putting into their figures...

    She is not a super star..And i will personally say that to every person living in greece if I have the chance to.. But i'm sure even then they just won't get it....
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    hania best natural self can only do 57 to 58.

    hania's best steroid version of her self can do 52.

    Thus this is the normal margin of improvement for a steroid user..


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      Speaking of somebody on steroids ...


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        One individual does not comprise a statistical sample from which you may draw a statistically valid inference or conclusion.


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          Deletion time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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            Originally posted by KDFINE View Post
            One individual does not comprise a statistical sample from which you may draw a statistically valid inference or conclusion.
            Yes it does actually ... Because it's a little something called my personal opinion...


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              dukehjsteve said:
              Deletion time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              I'd respectfully suggest banishment instead...


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                I can also sense something's not right ... yikes.


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                  Originally posted by jc203 View Post
                  dukehjsteve said:

                  I'd respectfully suggest banishment instead...
                  Why because i'm calling out a steroid user? A known steroid user? Awww what's a matter? Did I hurt your feelings because I made fun of her?

                  That's what steroid users deserve... They deserve to be made fun of... That's their punishment...

                  jc do you personally or have you personally endorsed hania chalkia in anyway, shape, or form?

                  Do you like her? Do you like what you think she has accomphished? Is that what it is?

                  Or are you so deluded within your own mind that you think that she was not on steroids when she ran 52 seconds.. But that she didn't get on steroids until 2008 when she finally got caught?

                  Which one is it jc?

                  Sometimes people have a hard time admitting to the truth.. .

                  Everyone has two sides when they choose to do steroids. They have a steroid self and then they have their natural human self..

                  It's funny how not one single person here can even slightly agree with what I have to say so far...

                  What's a matter? Is it just too much truth for you to handle so far?
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                    Originally posted by Master Po View Post
                    I can also sense something's not right ... yikes.
                    What exactly is not right?


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                      Originally posted by dukehjsteve View Post
                      Deletion time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      Deletion time for what? Because I spoke the truth on numerous matters?

                      These are my personal opinions that I have every right in the world to be entitled to ..

                      Just as if you haven't noticed.. Everyone else on this forum is entitled to their own personal opinion..

                      We live in a world with free speech.. I can say anything that I want to and when I want to.. That's the beauty of it..

                      And not you or anyone else in this world for that matter is going to make me change my mind..

                      You can try but you're not going to succeed.. You will fail in trying to persuade me..


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                        Originally posted by jc203 View Post
                        dukehjsteve said:

                        I'd respectfully suggest banishment instead...
                        Wait my bad jc...

                        You're right.. I'm wrong.. hania's time of 52.82 in 2004.. Which was within world record territory.. was completely and 100 percent natural..

                        Then in 2008 when she got caught using the most powerful steroid known on the face of the planet... She didn't start using it till 2007 when she ran 56 seconds..

                        Because that's what the steroids did to her.. It made her slower..Yeah that's what it did... Because that makes sense...

                        You're right.

                        Steroids made her slower..

                        Nevermind to the fact that she ran 52.82 which converts to a 48.85-49.23, 400 meter dash time.. No don't worry.. That was 100 percent natural..

                        jc go get a mirror and I want you to look in that mirror and keep deluding and deceiving yourself..
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                          Originally posted by Master Po View Post
                          I can also sense something's not right ... yikes.
                          Well...the first thing is isn't her name Fania Halkia?


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                            hey dork ( that's you track400 meters) read the T&FN rules about posting on this site.


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                              Please suspend me from the board if I'm ever again so stupid as to respond to anything that Track400meters posts.