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Gold boxes on posts, sending messages


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  • Gold boxes on posts, sending messages

    What do the gold boxes on certain posts represent?

    Also, I have no record of PMs I've sent. How do I change this so I can see my sent PMs?

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    Go to your settings. Then General Settings. Down the page a bit you will see

    <Sent Private Messages:

    Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default>

    Make sure this is checked.

    Don't know what the gold means.


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      Thanks, ND5


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        The yellow boxes are fairly strongly correlated with number of views, much more so than number of comments (of course, those two are correlated), but you have some with many views that do not have the five yellow boxes (and it is always five though in one case one of them is grey, not yellow). They also appear to be threads with a lot of views recently (high views without recent posts do not have them, though recent seems to be 2015 or so).

        Thus, my guess is that it is a large number of views since they had the last shift in the software.