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    Originally posted by cubehead View Post
    Brooklyn...cheaper yes, but by much these days...
    Median condo resale 4th quarter 2015 in Brooklyn was $690,000, in Manhattan it was $1,400,000.


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      So Brooklyn is nuts, and Manhattan is insane. And a condo to boot which means large management fees.

      Anyways I think the point is proven.


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        Meanwhile life in the Bronx is cheaper and in NYC, I will give you that....but hardly nirvana...

        'For the last 10 years, life in the northern Bronx has largely been defined by wanton violence perpetuated by the growing reach and competing interests of rival street gangs.

        Drugs were openly sold near elementary schools. Playgrounds were used as hiding places for weapons. Disputes were settled with knives or guns, and the casualties, often teenagers, were left to die in the streets. In one case, a bystander, a 92-year-old woman, was killed in her home by a stray bullet in 2009.'

        Prosecutors announced charges against 120 people, in what the authorities say was the “largest gang takedown” in New York City’s history.

        Oh dear. Not the kind of environment gh was alluding to...ho ho...