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  • You Tube repair videos

    It is just incredible what you can find on You Tube. It has to be the best thing on the internet -- outside of this board, of course!

    The other day, the "A" key button popped off my laptop. I figured it had to be broken. This was a replacement keyboard. I went to Geek Squad and asked the guy. No, that can't be fixed. But you can order a replacement keyboard off of Amazon for $12. Great. And he said there are videos on You Tube that will help you do the replacement yourself. I had taken it to an independent shop in town a year or so ago and got charged $100. So I figured lesson learned. I was looking at the video last night and saw a related video: How to fix individual keys. I'm thinking, no way is this going to work because the Geek Squad guy said it couldn't be fixed. Sure enough, it worked. Only difference was that the little frame you see here is upside down compared to mine, which I figured out. Once I put the little frame on, the button popped on and it was working just like new.

    This is a tutorial on how to Uninstall - Install a laptop keyboard key. This keyboard is from an HP Compaq 620 625. How to replace keys, keyboard repair.How ...

    About a year ago, our dryer stopped working. Now, I'm not really that handy at things, but I figured I'd hit You Tube up. You see a big dryer and think it's really complicated, but it's not. It's just a few pieces. The video narrowed it down to two problems, one being a white piece and the other being the start switch. Some guy at a repair shop told me in 25 years, he's only seen a start switch go wrong once. I'd heard that before. So I went to a repair shop and bought the little piece for around $20, as I recall. Sure enough, it worked.

    This video will show you what you need to check if you press the start button on your Kenmore or Whirlpool Dryer and it does not start up. It does nothing a...

    About three years ago, our drain in the tub was stopped up with hair. But I didn't know how to get the stopper off. You Tube had the answer to that, too.

    Tools needed: 1) 9/16 open-end wrench2) Pliers3) Large flat-head screwdriver.
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    Good stuff , BillV.... now, how do you get the hair out after you get the pop-up plug open?


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      LOL Lone


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        I've become a quite respectable bike mechanic thanks to youtube. I'm guessing bike shops dont care much for it lol


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          I can totally relate. I have laced my own bike rims thanks to youtube.

          I have done countless auto maintenance items thanks to youtube. Had the stepper motors on my speedometer wear out and the dealer said it is an 800$ job, 500$ for the new electronic console and 300$ for labor. .. I went to youtube and found that the part is 20$ and with a soldering gun it can be done in 3 hours.

          A short video showing you how to replace and repair your Chevy / GM instrument cluster, speedometer gauge, stepper motor. Step by step fix from start to fin...

          Now I like saving money as much as the next guy but if I dont want to do it then Ill pay. But if the job is fun then I am more likely to do it. The key is that Youtube makes it fun !!.. no one like to wander into a dark room full of monsters. Youtube is like having a genius in the area you need as your best friend for a day.

          I had a lawnmower engine die on me, thought about buying a new mower and thought, hey I like this mower, why not get a better engine and do it myself. .... then did a google search, came up with this...

          Here I remove a Briggs & Stratton engine off of a lawn more and put a replacement Predator engine from Harbor freight.

          Not sure if I will keep it on this deck or swap onto another mower, but man does it run smooth!Disclaimer:Due to factors beyond the control of Hank's Garage,...

          the rest is history.

          of course this only works if you love doing this stuff.
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