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You can't make this shit up. Flat Earthers


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    Jp Sears explaining the flat Earth


    • Flat Earther martyrdom in home made space craft built so he could prove his beliefs...


      • We already mentioned him....


        • Originally posted by jc203 View Post
          Yes, curvature of the earth's surface is very easily proved if you live near the ocean.

          Still, ya gotta wonder how flat-earthers DO visualize the world? How does one explain the gradual bottom to top disappearance of ships on horizon? Maybe to skeptic this does not prove that the curve extends far enough to bend back on itself.

          But how does traveling due west for 24 thousand plus miles will bring an airplane back to the same place? Or how daylight is distributed across the plane of the earth's surface? If it ain't a globe, what do these folks believe is a rational explanation for the many, many anomalies that flat-earth belief presents?

          And, then again, I know... everything that does not match the initial hypothesis consists is faked somehow.

          I've got family member who is convinced that she is infected with nano-robots (Morgellon's Disease) that crawl under her skin and push microscopic, non-organic fibers up throw her pores. She self-diagnosed based on listening to Alex Jones podcasts!!!

          Where is Matt Marriott when you need him?
          Based on the satire examples I have watched from jp sears, I think there is an answer for all of these. It is not really hard to make up reasons for anything. The best model is the one that explains the world with the least amount of information or rules. If you are willing to sacrifice parsimony of understanding you can find yourself believing just about anything.