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do you still have a land line?


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    Originally posted by wineturtle View Post
    To the 40 million North Americans that subscribe to a Medical Alert System (Help I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up) the distinction is important.
    I absolutely agree there is a huge difference between the two, but the distinction has blurred beyond popular differentiation.


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      One difference when they went to cable-based lines instead of land-based is that a gift my wife bought me about 20 years ago stopped working. This old phone weighs a ton and the ringer is about a loud as a Harley. Because of the ringer we used the phone as a decoration, so when it stopped working after we lost the landline I never looked for an adapter.


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        Friend, you have a real gem there. Now there should be a ringer volume control somewhere on the bottom, if not simply unscrew the cover and put a small piece of cloth over the ringer mechanism. Savor this classic piece of Americana from her golden glorious age!


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          One of these a table in the hallway to the bathroom plugged into the receptacle in the baseboard with a notepad, pencil --. .Nobody notices there are no wires going to the receptacle and everyone asks Does that really work..
          Tom Hyland:
          "squack and wineturtle get it"


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            I had one of these in my guest bedroom (in ivory) until my Seattle daughter swiped it for her law office last summer..
            replaced it with her 1960s vintage Princess phone.
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