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What specialty/hobby magazines have you ever gotten?


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  • What specialty/hobby magazines have you ever gotten?

    The demise of the print version of TAFNEWS made me realize how fun it is to have a passion, a hobby, and to get a specialty magazine about that passion once a month. I had HO gauge trains as a kid, started on a 4x8 sheet of plywood/frame, then conned my parents into giving me one entire corner of the basement. In about 7th grade I designed a pretty elaborate 12x14 layout using graph paper, compass, protractor, etc. I started work on it but very quickly ran headlong into 1. the realization that the whole thing was going to cost maybe $1500 (1975 dollars) to build, and 2. track and field, which took over as my passion. So the layout never got built. But from about 5th though 8th grade, I subscribed to Model Railroader magazine:

    It was as fun to get each month as it has been getting TAFNEWS. This is the first time since about 1973 that I've not been subscribed to a print specialty magazine. I may have to take up quilting or something.

    So, what specialty or hobby magazines have you gotten, in the past or currently? Not Time nor The Economist, National Geographic nor Smithsonian. A fun, niche publication.

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    As a long-time fairly serious numismatist, I got Coin World every week. As one might imagine, 98% of this rather large periodical was advertising, so eventually I just sold everything, and it was a very liberating experience to stop devoting so much psychological energy into a hobby like that.


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      I had to think about this.. Dr Jay DQd many of my staples.
      I still take too many O&G E&P magazines but that was/is not a hobby.
      I took/take too many news, travel and financial magazines...not really hobbies.
      Being both, I am long time subscriber to Cowboys and Indians.. not a hobby.. but they have the most beautiful models of any slick paper magazines.
      I don't know if photographing 4000 courthouses was a hobby but there was no magazine involved...unless you count AAA road maps.
      Fifty years ago, I dabbled in coin collecting but no magazine.
      I don't think I ever had a magazinable hobby.


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        I got a magazine which changed its name after a few years---but which ended publication around 2002.
        It started as West Coast Review of Books, but later changed to Rapport!
        Basically a book review mag----lots of book reviews, also articles about books & authors!
        Different from, say, Publisher's Weekly, in that it reviewed "popular" and "genre" titles, like mysteries and romances, and by some totally unknown writers!

        I own every issue from their 28 or so years of publication (began in 1974)---and used the mag to help determine which books I wanted to buy and read!
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          I think Cowboys and Indians kinda qualifies:

          I used to drive by the world HQ of Western Horseman every day, on a seedy stretch of N Nevada Ave here in Colorado Springs:


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            I got VeloNews for years, not sure I'd call it a hobby though.

            As for DrJay's model railroad habit, on tour I used to hang out with a guy named Ed Dougherty and play a lot of practice rounds with him. Doc was a serious model railroad enthusiast. Every Wednesday afternoon (we weren't in the pro-ams usually) we took the afternoon off and went to model train stores for awhile, where Ed shopped for new stuff, and then to rare book stores, where I looked for books on the Olympics. Ed told me a few years ago he was actually on the cover of one of the modern railroad mags.


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              Years ago I bought a used reflector telescope (6" aperture, about 4 ft long), and started subscribing to Astronomy magazine. Total hobby, as I have no background in the sciences.

              It was a good beginner level magazine. I let the subscription lapse when I stopped using the scope, which has gathered dust in recent years.


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                Only one: I think it was called Track and Field News.


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                  I just don't think I should answer this one...


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                    Does Natural History count?
                    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
                    by Thomas Henry Huxley


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                      I started getting Runners World in the 70s and they had a $75/lifetime option and I took it -- 500 issues for $75 (worth more now, and so am I).

                      T&FNews, started some time after reading Ray Hughes' copies when I was house sitting and he was at the Montreal Olympics. It was not until I was earning more that I started.

                      Have have gotten Science twice, once in grad school and started again two years ago

                      I got Velo News (and even made the results) when I was racing on the bike in the 80s, and also got briefly Cycling News (southern California had late-season races and a number of time trials uphill (e.g., Mount Baldy, which was also my first running race but on a different portion of the mountain); not sure if I ever got about Bicycling, libraries were good for that.

                      I got a cross country skiing magazine for a bit until it was folded in to a downhill skiing magazine (they gave me that subscription rather than give me my money back).

                      Between endurance events and officiating, I do not have a lot of time for hobbies - that change a couple of years ago when I retired but I read more (but not faster and eyes are becoming a problem for that).


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                        Oh, yeah.. back in the 70s-80s when I had a job and, curiously, more time I took some automotive magazines for several years... I got into collecting and restoring Thunderbirds and Mustangs of each body style.. had about eight cars farmed out to various family members... eventually ran out of garage space and family... I guess that was a hobby... sure did not make any money
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                          Review of International Broadcasting which in spite of the lofty title was a radio monthly by USAF vet Glen Hauser out of Enid,Ok. I think I also got White's Radio Log at the newstand every other year or so. I don't know who White was but it was a good mag.'


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                            I sail. I get sailing magazines.


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                              I used to subscribe to The Runner before it folded. Also Runner's World for a time. Leichtatheletik (the German track mag) and Athletics Weekly (British track mag). No longer subscribe to any of those. I collected stamps when I was a kid, but I don't recall ever subscribing to a specialty mag in that field.