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Excitement in the Neighborhood


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  • Excitement in the Neighborhood

    Shooter wearing ear mufflers and protective glasses walked into a popular crowded lakeside restaurant a mile from my house at 1830 this evening, opened fire, shot four people including mother and juvenile daughter having birthday party, fled restaurant, confronted by legally armed civilian who shot/killed the, so far, unidentified shooter in an exchange of gunfire.

    Mother and daughter, serious but not critical, two other victims minor wounds..

    Area cordoned off, more than 100 witnesses after being detained for interview are walking a mile on jogging/bike paths along side the lake to be reunited with family in parking lot of Fitness Center next door to my condo complex.
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    Originally posted by lonewolf View Post
    Shooter wearing ear mufflers and protective glasses
    WTF goes through some people's "minds"?


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      Originally posted by El Toro View Post
      WTF goes through some people's "minds"?
      He, like all other shooters, is a mentally ill, sociopathic coward. The gun gives them identity and power they don't have in themselves.


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        Shooter was a recently fired, 28 year old, licensed security guard.. only record was domestic incident with mother when he was 13..
        Latest report: he did not actually enter the restaurant but fired from outside. Being familiar with the restaurant, I am having difficulty visualizing that.
        Shooter was shot/killed by two men who were not carrying but went to their car to get their weapon.
        Restaurant is 1.5 miles from NW OKC police substation. All over before police arrived at scene..