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    Originally posted by gh View Post
    Did the Sacklers fraudulently transfer a billion bucks to Swiss accounts?
    Is there a Swiss bank account worthy of being called a "Swiss Bank Acount" that did not receive its funds via a fraudulent transfer ? Im just asking.


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      Purdue Pharma has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


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        And the beat goes on:


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          Highly recommend a Netflix documentary called "The Phamacist" about a small town pharmacist who went after Purdue. The first episode is about his sons murder and his quest to get the killer, the result of a drug deal. The rest of it his quest to go after opioid addiction. He goes after a doctor, who is selling prescriptions, at $250-350 a pop with the help of an on duty cop. The FBI and DEA shrug him off, because they had the Dr. under investigation ....for over a year. They knew she had put $2million in cash in her bank in one year, had prescribed Oxy 180,000x a year, watched people die and did nothing.
          Most mind boggling is the slow and often ineffective response of the system to go after Doctors. The DEA cannot remove a Doctor's license unless they (the Dr.) sign it.
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