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  • Top Movies of 2020

    Needs a new thread

    The Last Full Measure - best movie I've seen since ... I can't even remember one this good.

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    the lead of my local guy's review:

    <<The best thing about “The Last Full Measure” — not a saving grace, but a big weight to throw in the balance — is that the film gives a bunch of older actors a chance to take a couple of good scenes and hit them out of the park.

    It may be mixing metaphors to note that, after hitting them out of the park, some of the actors proceed to actually eat the park, scenery and all. But that’s OK. Big acting is generous acting. I’d rather watch William Hurt collapse, sob and shoot saliva everywhere but onto the camera lens than watch another actor just stand there giving us nothing.>>


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      Not of the same magnitude, but Blake Lively does a fantastic job in The Rhythm Section, which takes a fresh (gritty) perspective on the family vengeance flick. Not the Blake I've ever seen before.

      As for Last Full Measure, I really don't like when Hollywood cooks up a conspiracy theory (in this case, the 'friendly-fire cover-up') that doesn't hold water, just to ramp up the intrigue. The story was good enough by itself.
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