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Wanted - Dec 1967 Issue of Track Newsletter Vol 14, No. 5 - Pages 39 & 40


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  • Wanted - Dec 1967 Issue of Track Newsletter Vol 14, No. 5 - Pages 39 & 40

    Looking for this specific issue for long-time T&FN subscriber. Will pay all charges incurred. Pls message if you know where I might secure either original or copy of this issue. Thanks.

    The request is for the 1967 Track Newsletter issue ............ NOT T&FN.
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    I don't think there was a No. 5 in Dec. 1967. I believe the year ended with No. 4. I could very well be mistaken, though.

    Is there something specific you're looking for?


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      I should be able to clear up the confusion here:

      You'll find that on November 09 an issue titled Volume 14, No. 4 was published with pp 25-32.

      On December 07, another issue titled Volume 14, No. 4 was published. That should be retitled as No. 5.

      The error didn't stop there,however, as that issue was also mispaginated, starting with 29 instead of 33. So instead of ending with p40 it ends with 32.

      That was the final issue in letter-paper style.

      With the dawn of 1968 (the ghastly mimeographed legal-sized sheets) things pick up with No. 6, starting with p41.

      (I had never noticed any of this before)


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        Originally posted by Atticus
        Interesting. Several of us have copies of 1967's TN, but we're all missing pages from that issue (Dec 67), having only the last two pages (containing an article called, "Distance Running Barriers Keep Crumbling" by Jack Barlow.. We'd also be interested in getting a copy ( a PDF scan would be great) of that issue.
        My copy has several pages after that Barlow article, including some interesting compilations of best one-day doubles and triples.