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Various collectible meet programs from the 80s and 90s


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  • Various collectible meet programs from the 80s and 90s

    Liquidating some of the memorabilia that have been in my filing cabinet unexamined for years. But there are folks here who might be interested. These are old meet programs, or sets of programs from multi-day meets. Maybe these are what you need to complete your collection, or you just want to pour over a piece of memorabilia for a meet that you wish you’d attended. I attended all but one of these meets and bought the programs myself. They’re all in very good condition unless noted otherwise.

    No prices are carved in stone - I’m taking what I hope is a reasonable but not outrageous guess at their value. (And then we can work out mutually acceptable shipping methods and their associated cost.)

    If you have questions about anything, I can try to post photos in the comments.

    1996 Olympic Trials official program plus all daily programs. $25. (For another $3 I’ll throw in a commemorative bronze medallion, roughly 4 cm x 6 cm)

    1993 World Championships all daily programs. $27 (The only meet among these that I did not attend.)

    1992 Olympic Trials official program plus all daily programs. Includes a “VISA Decathlon Guide” (1992 was Dan & Dave) and a set of ticket stubs. $25

    1991 World Championships all daily programs - including the final post-meet summary program that included a statistical summary of the historic men’s 100, plus a pair of logo and mascot bumper stickers, and a mascot trading pin. $35 - the organizers produced really nice stuff

    1988 Olympic Trials official program plus all daily programs and a full set of ticket stubs Despite the rainstorm one evening, no water issues $25

    1987 World Championships set of daily programs - day 6 includes some minor water stains on the interior pages from that infamous downpour during the decathlon 400, but the cover remains in near-mint condition. $30

    1986 European Championships set of all six daily programs. $25

    Then a bunch of one-day meet programs, all including the ticket stub. (You could attend Zürich back then for 70 Swiss francs - I wonder how much it is now.)

    1986 Zürich. $8
    1986 ISTAF (Berlin). $5
    1986 Köln (Donkova 2 WRs). $5
    1986 Bern. $5
    1986 Lausanne (I think first year in the new stadium, which began its ascendance to elite status). $4
    1986 VanDamme (Nenow AR. Koch’s last meet?). $6

    1985 ARCO Coliseum Classic. (Willie AR in TJ, Baptiste vs /Texas high schoolers in 200). $3

    1984 Olympic Trials official program. (No daily programs back then, but I also have all the LT Times agate clipped and included.). This one was carried back and forth to the stadium for a week and some of the corners are fairly worn. $6

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    There are a few of your items which are of interest. Could you e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know if your Olympic Trials items are still available?