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"Jim Ryun" by Cordner Nelson: question and/or sale


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  • "Jim Ryun" by Cordner Nelson: question and/or sale

    A friend of mine picked up a copy of "Jim Ryun" by Cordner Nelson which is the same as the one I bought years ago. 1967 edition so first edition, I'm sure, even though it doesn't specifically say so. She wants to sell it on EBay or anywhere and says it sells there for anywhere from $75-$120 - except for one over $300 for some reason. She also says some of the EBay comments mention a lack of a dust cover - but I don't think there ever was a dust cover since the hard cover is all photos plus brief bios of Cordner and of Rich Clarkson, the photographer.
    Would anyone be interested in her copy or would you know if there was a dust cover? And would you have any thoughts as to proper price. Hers in in very good condition - I suspect it wasn't read/perused as much as mine.

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    The dust jackets are essentially identical to the cover.

    Earlier this summer I saw a copy that was in very good to excellent condition for $40.


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      I learned after posting originally that she saw the book on Amazon, not eBay. But I looked there and she had the prices right. Where was it available for $40? Hers is in very good condition but no dust cover. She said she got it at a "garage sale" at her church. Had me in mind until I told her I already had it.


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        For whatever it's worth, there's also a British edition (London: Pelham Books, 1967) with a plain cover and different dust jacket.