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FS - Lifetime collection of reference material 1910 - 1963


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  • FS - Lifetime collection of reference material 1910 - 1963

    I'm trying to find a good home for reference material accumulated by an avid fan of Track and Field competition.

    Most of the items are from the 40's and 50's, but there is plenty before that period, and some after.

    The collection was maintained over a lifetime and was actively used to follow events, so there are many annotations and notes throughout the items. The intent of the collection was to follow records, not to become a better athlete.

    The material was collected and used by Burdine Hugh Gardner Jr., out of Indianapolis, IN, and later Santa Clara, CA. If anyone knows anything about him or his contribution to the sport of Track and Field, please let me know.

    The collection came out of B.H. Gardner's estate over twenty years ago and has been lost inside my backroom since then. It's good to finally get it out in circulation again.

    I'm not familiar with the material or the history of Track and Field, but can recognize the passion that was focused on it, so the collection is being offered in big chunks of related material, giving the pieces a chance to find a good home and stay together.

    Most of the collection is posted to eBay as of Sunday night, with the auctions ending next Sunday evening.

    Here's the main set of lots:

    LOT of 22 - TRACK AND FIELD Rules and Records 1942-1963
    LOT of 16 - AAU TRACK AND FIELD HANDBOOK 1942-1963
    LOT of 14 - NCAA TRACK AND FIELD GUIDE 1948-1963
    LOT of 13 - International TRACK AND FIELD Records '52-'63
    LOT of 23 - HIGH SCHOOL Athletic Handbooks 1952-1964
    LOT of 2 - ICAAAA Official Handbook 1941 & 1947
    LOT of 2 - Official Athletic Almanacs - 1910 & 1919
    LOT of 3 - AAU - NCAA Athletic Almanacs - 1940 -1941
    LOT of 4 - AAU Athletic Almanac - RULES - 1933-'37-'38
    LOT of 5 - AAU - NCAA Athletic Almanacs - 1938-'39-'40
    LOT of 4 - AAU Amateur Athlete Magazine - 1937-'39
    LOT of 5 - AAU Amateur Athlete Magazine - 1943-'45
    LOT of 2 - Track and Field Digest 1964
    LOT of 4 - Spalding's How-To Track and Field Books 1925
    LOT of 3 - OHIO Sports - HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS 1957-62
    LOT of 6 - TEXAS Sports - HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS 1958-63
    1st North Calif Track & Field HALL OF FAME BANQUET Program 1963

    My ebay id is "bye-stuff", as in Good-bye Stuff'.

    Here is a short link to see the eBay page that lists the Track & Field items I've just posted.

    Use the link, or copy it to a browser. It goes through a transparent service that expands into the full link and takes you to eBay, showing a list of my lots within the Vintage Sports area.

    Recently, eBay has required that all deals be Paypal-only. I'm not able to say it in my ad, but payment for these lots can be via check or money order, as well as by Paypal.


    Another big chunk of the collection is an amazing run of yearly Track and Field Programs and Handbooks from the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

    I haven't posted this material to eBay. I"m still trying to understand what to do with it. It seems too unusual to sell on eBay.

    Here are two web galleries to show the items.

    Indiana High School Athletic Association Track and Field Programs for 1919-1963


    Indiana High School Athletic Association Handbooks for 1915-1963

    I'm posting the links here in this forum, in case anyone might find the Programs and Handbooks interesting, or have any suggestions on what to do with them.

    I'll be contacting the IHSAA organization to show them the gallery pages, in case they are interested. If anyone here can direct me to a particular person there, please let me know.

    Thank you for your time and interest..


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    Unfortunately, I've been working on other things recently, so missed your post re Hugh Gardner. Did you manage to sell all of the stuff from his collection. If not, please contact me [email protected]

    I have a series of AAU championship entry data sheets from 1968-70 [given by DJ] which detail pertinent stats (dob, ht/wt) for almost all the competitors in those championships, and Hugh Gardner is remembered as a terrific collector of detailed stats.