Because of ill health, I need to sell my track and field library. It includes the complete Track and Field News from August 1974 to December 2017 and over 70 books, including many rare biographies (Lovelock, Snell, Matson, Jerome, Edwin Flack, etc.). Some titles are in French (Jazy, Perec, etc) and some in German (Hary, Germar, etc.).

I am asking $1,000 plus shipping which is far less than the actual value. The catch is that there is no cherry-picking, the buyer has to take everything.

This will appeal to serious collectors who are willing to accept some duplicates to complete their collection, or to an entrepreneur-type who wants to sell the items singly and make a nice profit.

I will send the complete list to serious inquirers. Please email me at

allansimon (at)