Can you guys offer some thoughts on this new ranking system. How on earth can scantling and tilga who just posted fantastic nearly 8500 scores in the world THIS year and only ranked only a few spots from Japan’s Ushiro who is ranked 30th (His last two decathlon’s were 7600 something and 7800 something)

Ushiro is 34-36, at the end of his career and his marks have been falling. This is a good example of what’s wrong with this new ranking system. (Ushiro Is ranked high because he won the Asian championships, a meet that gets a high quality rating. however the second place and third place scores at the asian championships were like 7,600.
That’s why I have to ask what kind of quality and depth is there in that meet? Does a decathlete deserve to get a Gold meet designation win when the score and the competition are not Gold level standard?

The scores should define the caliber of a meet, and not just the importance of the name of a competition, like the “the asian championships.” By contrast the Specs towns meet, gets a low “world ranking quality score” (though it has become a meet with both great scores and olympians in it) This year Specs had the top two finishers with great scores, tilga and scantling and the third place finisher an Olympian, Zz with also a great score.

One question i have is, because the Olympics are in Japan is Ushiro getting placed there as favor? Is there an olympic rule that the host country gets at least one entry because they are the host? I had heard this before but I don’t know if it’s true or not. Before this week another low scoring 7600 Japanese decathlete was also ranked either in the top 30 or close to it.

garrett, zz and tilga ran in the rain, inches of water on the track in the hurdles and discus. I dont doubt these scores would have been 8600 in dry conditions and 8350 plus for zach.

With this ranking system, a premium should be placed on performances that happen in the current year. These rankings based on performance from 2-years ago are nonsense. Who won the Super Bowl three years ago, what about the world series? How are those teams faring this year? The proximity of Ushiro, and legions of other lower scoring decathletes ranked in the top 20 compared the great scores zz, tilga and scantling posted in three inches of water prove this new ranking system is gravely flawed.

Another flaw of the ranking system that affects the decathlon Disproportionately compared to the other track and field events is weather.The statistical chances of inclement weather during a decathlon over a 15 hour two day period are 50-fold higher than the chance weather showing up during the 10 seconds of a 100 meter dash or the 1:45 of an 800 meters, preventing an athlete from making the Olympic standard. (In dry conditions ZZ would have made the standard). A decathlete might have the opportunity to do 4 decathlons competitions from march to june counting the olympic trials. It rains at 1 decathlon and 1/4 of a decathletes season is compromised. It would take 8-12 races in the wind or rain to compromise 1/4 of any other track and field athletes season and compromise their shot at making the Olympic standard.

The new ranking system mistakenly gives Creedence To the quality of a decathlon in name only.(The Asian championships is not even as competitive as the spec towns meet or many other meets run in the USA.) The new ranking system giving credence to place at a Decathlon is equally absurd. (Look no further than the Asian championships for the third place guy who scored 7600 gets a higher world ranking than a guy who scores the same at the USA championships.)

The UsATF and the Iaaf are going to have a mess on their hands when a fast developing low ranked athlete (kyle garret for example)places or say even wins the Olympic trials but the combination of his lower pre trials ranking and other higher ranked Americans keeps him off the team. (For example, how does Simmons at 8200 score from two years ago remain ranked 11th while scantling’s 8500 this year hovering at 30th.

Scantling and Tilga’s scores and big meet wins (ncaa and usatf heps) but disproportionately low world ranking reeks of what possibly could come down soon with this ranking system. It’s absolutely absurd the 8476 points this year by Scantling doesnt immediately jump him past Simmons at 8200 and an 11th place ranking. but instead puts him and tilga near a low 30 ranking next to a 36 year old Ushiro scoring very recently nearly 1000 points less. (7600) If the decathlon was an 800 m, a 7600 pt decathlon compared to an 8500 pt decathlon would be like ranking a 1:45 800 runner next to a 1:55. No Mas, but here it is.