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Coinexmarket scam alert !- scam exchange


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  • Lasaded
    Lol, dude, if the site looks creepy or disproportionate or it's made in a hurry and there are obvious mistakes, then why do anything there at all? Remember, scammers will NEVER work hard on creating a website for a long time, they just need to make a shell (and as a rule it looks very bad) and hope for the arrival of stupid and naive people. As for the cryptocurrency, a lot of people have been deceived with it. Firstly, not everyone uses bitcoin tumbler, and because of this, scammers get your IP and payment data. Secondly, when paying with bitcoin, many people forget that such payments, although protected, have vulnerabilities that scammers actively use. Read more about it, you will understand that this is a very slippery slope.
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  • shoofsmatt
    started a topic Coinexmarket scam alert !- scam exchange

    Coinexmarket scam alert !- scam exchange

    Coinexmarket exchange SCAM Alert!!!

    I peeped another scam crypto exchange CoinEx Market . There was no photos of team on their website and their whole website looked shady. So i decided to investigate. And then i found this article from project that revealed that Coinexmarket is scam and the fact that Coinexmarket is stealing money looks like they are scam. Also several users reported that they received logged in from different IP addresses on their accounts and lost their cryptocurrency on this exchange . When scammed users tried to alert other users they get immediately banned in telegram. Stay away from coinexmarket exchange! It's 100% scam. It is clear that ICO that CoinEx Market have now is also scam .
    Several projects paid money for listing their tokens on Coinexmarket and never got listed . Coinexmarket exchange stole their 1 BTC and never refunded. Here is proof:
    The invoice can be viewed here:

    The transaction can be viewed here: 68e6535945ff8b

    You can see that coinexmarket exchange promised to refund vinchain for listing and never did it
    Stay away from Coinexmarket exchange if you don't want to loose your money and get scammed.