Lückenkemper once stated she doesn't want 400 and with the problems with her feet that kept her from running 200, she would not be any help. Mayer has had constant health problems for the last two years, adding a new event wouldn't help there either. The problem is, we lack basic 400m speed, we need 4 women capable of running sub 52 for a decent 4x4, we never have more than one or two. And because DLV is too stupid to know what is best, we leave our best at home. Marie Scheppan was the third fastest German last year and at age 17 is a huge talent. But the U18 in Györ was too close to the German champs and she didn't want to run more 400m so soon after Györ, so DLV refused to select her for the Berlin 4x4. Such stupidity doesn't deserve a fast relay.